When Low Cost and High Fashion mix up: Missoni for Target

Questa si’ che e’ una gran collaborazione!

Here’s a great collaboration!

A partire dal 13 settembre fino al 22 ottobre  la collezione  Missoni invadera’ Target con 400 pezzi tra capi d’abbigliamento, accessori per la casa,valige e calzature…Un evento straordinario!

CHI E’ MISSONI: Casa di moda italiana,nota  dal 1953 per l’innovazione estetica e vibrante senso del colore.

CHI E’ TARGET: Una compagnia americana che offre prodotti di alta qualita’ a basso costo.

Starting from Sept 13th ’till October 22nd, Missoni’s collection will hit Target stores with 400 pieces among which clothing items, home accessories,luggage and footwear…an amazing event!

WHO IS MISSONI: It’s an Italian fashion house, known since 1953 for the powerful colors and aesthetic originality.

WHO IS TARGET: It’s an American retail company, that offers high quality products at a low price.

Alcuni dei pezzi che preferisco/ Some of the items I like the most


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2 Responses to When Low Cost and High Fashion mix up: Missoni for Target

  1. Jennifer says:

    J’adore Missoni, c’est tres chic! Jen xoxo htp://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

  2. roastedapple says:

    Yes it is really chic and original. I love the fact that they use a lot of colors 🙂

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