The Cambridge Satchel Company: Fashion made in UK

Vi sono diverse dimensioni e colori e si puo’ scegliere tra la “Classic”, la “Batchel” , l’estiva “Fluro” e la “Designer”.

They come in different sizes and shades and you can choose between the Classic, the Batchel, the summer Fluro and the Designer.

The Classic

I colori tra cui scegliere sono marrone, marrone scuro, nero, blu, rosso, viola, verde, giallo e rosa.

It comes in brown, dark brown, black,navy,red, purple, green,yellow and pink.

The Batchel

Colori disponibili: marrone, marrone scuro, nero, blu, rosso, viola,verde, giallo, rosa, giallo fluo, rosa fluo, verde fluo e arancione fluo.

Colors available:brown, dark brown, black, navy, red, purple, green, yellow, pink, fluro yellow, fluro pink, fluro green, fluro orange.

The Fluro

Arancione, verde, giallo e rosa fluorescente: perfetti per l’estate.

Orange, green, yellow and pink fluro: great for the summer.

The Designer

E’ una Batchel bicolore, disponibile in : corpo marrone e fibbie blu; corpo verde con fibbie blu; viola con fibbie gialle e marron scuro con fibbie nocciola.

It’s a bicolor Batchel and it comes with brown body and navy buckles; green body and navy buckles; purple body and yellow buckles and dark brown with chestnut buckles.

Visitate il loro sito web/ Visit their Website:

Potete acquistarle online sul loro sito o sul sito web di Asos e Urban Outfitters.

Asos ha dei modelli davvero originali!

You can purchase them from their website or from Asos and Urban Outfitters.

Asos has some pretty items!

Photo Courtesy of The Cambridge Satchel Company and Asos.


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