Hydrangeas dance in Paris

Ungaro mostra una collezione di colori forti, come quelli dell’ortensia.

Blu: colore del mare, del cielo, del mirtillo, del lapislazzulo.

Rosso: come il fuoco, come il sole al tramonto, una ciliegia e un rubino.

Rosa: come i fenicotteri, come i fiori di ciliegio, come il sale al sole.

Una collezione emozionante ed evocativa.

Ungaro shows a collection made of bold colors, like hydrangeas’s ones.

Blu: like the sea, the sky, bluberries and lapis lazulis.

Red: like fire, sunset, cherrys and ruby.

Pink: like flamingos, cherry blossoms, salt drying under the sun.

An evocative and exciting collection.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.it
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One Response to Hydrangeas dance in Paris

  1. Katerina says:

    OMG! This is a breath-taking collection! I absolutely love the dresses, the colour combinations, I love it all. The different shades of blue used, infusion of the blue with red, it’s gorgeous!

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