Brussels day 1


I came back from Brussels and here my experience in this great city.

I took a Ryanair flight to Charleroi. The flight just took 1 hour 15 minutes.

There I cought a bus [22 euro rountrip ticket] that took me to Midi Station in Brussels.

I was tired and it was really cold so I took a cab and, luckly, I found out it was really not expensive.

The hotel I chose is “Hotel Noga” and it really has a perfect location.

It looks nice: it was built for Brussels Expo and it has “Titanic” as main theme everywhere.

The room was quite nice, although a little cold.

Since it was almost dinner time I went to a restaurant which looked really cool.

It’s “La Boussole“.

The dinner was delicious: I had lentils with tomatoes and onion as starter, then Shrimp Croquets and Fries as main course.

I’ve been there for dinner every day! It was awesome and close to the hotel! A great place to dine in!

Here a photo of one of the meal: “Grilled Squid”

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