Everlasting Love

This morning I met one of my mom’s friends and her little girl.

She came to me and asked me what would I do in my days if I had no classes or other stuff to care about.

I was totally unprepared for that.

But immediatly I had a flashback.

You know when you’re a kid and you are asked what do you what to do in the future?

The FUTURE. It’s such a frightening word. The future is right here right now, it’s not as far as you imagine it. Your future is in your present.

Since I was 5 I had a love at first sight for languages.

I wanted to be someone who would speak tons and tons of languages.

I remember I read carefully through the pages of my English book and listened over and over again ’till I pronunced it ok.

I was fascinated by the sound of English and I attended the very first British course at 5.

I remeber I had fun and overall my Speaking was one of my best skills.

I used to listed to Speak Up Movies and try to do the same pronunciation of the actors.

At 10 I started with German. I liked how it sounded.

For me it was just a game.

In middle school I was brilliant in my English class and had no problem at all with taking a Certification such as PET.

When I had to go to high school, I chose the foreign language branch [in Italy you can chose among foreign language, scientific and humanistic branch].

In addition to English and German, I started studying Spanish.

It was easy to get because it’s kind of close to Italian.

Fors my junior year, I went to Chicago (IL) for an academic semester.

It was the best experience ever.

I’ve learnt a lot and my English improved so much.

I absorbed every word, every sound I could catch and got really fluent in English.

When I went back for my senior year I passed the FCE with proficiency.

Last year it was my first year of university: it’s a college to be either interpreters or translators.

Last year I started learning Russian, and I would study Arabic and Chinese if I had enough time.

I knew it then.

If I had nothing to do for the whole day I would go to any language school available and learn as much as I can.

When the college will be over I don’t think I will be an interpreter nor a translator.

It just doeasn’t fit my soul.

I want to find my special place and work with languages and travel and maybe dealing with fashion.

I know I want to accomplish a lot and I this littl’ girl made me realize how much I want it and how much I have to keep working to reach that amazing place.

I hope all of you discover again your true passions and your wishes may come true.

And thank you guys who read my blog coz it makes me feel linke I’m accomplishing a little bit more every day.

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