Q/A @Valentino Press Conference

Financial Times

Q: “How long and how much it costed the project?”

Giammetti: “It took almost two years and it costed a lot of money. But we invested in it and there are no sponsor involved. We thought nobody else should pay for this museum, but us.”

Business of Fashion

Q: “How do you measure success and what do you want to accomplish with this project? And Valentino,what’s your favourite part of the museum?”

Valentino: “I don’t know which part I like the most, I love the big picture about the project! I love it all.”

Giammetti: ” Our success is being able to enjoy what we have done in our life.”

Fashion Institute of Technology

Q: “What were the challenges in this project and what the surprises?”

Giammetti: “A  big challenge was technology and its language.  Let’s just say Valentino doesn’t even know how to switch the Tv on! There were no surprises, we anticipated them all.”

NY Time

Q: “Do people want to know more about you (Valentino) after your documentary? Have you ever googled yourself?”

Giammetti: ” He doesn’t like the fact that a lot of people recognize him for the documentary, but that’s how things really are! I think people want to know more and this project is a good chance.”



“There aren’t enough dream. Valentino is a dreamer. I am. In fashion there are no dream anymore, but this museum host them.” (Giammetti)


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