Valentino Virtual Museum Part 1- Press Conference

5.05 pm:I’m waiting for Valentino’s Press Conference live on his youtube channel.

5.13 pm: Actress Anne Hathaway opens the Press Conference at MOMA, New York.

After thanking Valentino for choosing her as godmother of the event, she celebrates the over 40 years of Valentino’s career.

“Valentino’s Uniqueness”, Sozzani’s speech.

Vogue Italia Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani states to be very proud of the work Valentino did, because it is the first museum opened for everybody all over the world, without restriction.

Sozzani says Valentino opened the door of his world, full of photos and trend that are more modern than ever.

Valentino is unique for the photographers he chose (among who you find Meisel, Newton, Testino and so on).

They are all different from one another and Valentino has been able to find a file rouge without being afraid to try the unexpected.

He’s outstanding for the models he had: real idols.

Iman, Veruska, Linda Evangelista, Naomi, Claudia Chiffer are just some of the great models who represented the designer’s elegance.

Valentino created dresses for women. And the range goes from Jakie to queens, socialites and actress such as Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

Once, said Sozzani, Julia Roberts wore a 60’s dress and it look so modern!

That’s one of the greatest peculiartities of Mr Valentino.

His contribute in fashion is unbelievable : in the 60’s he created his distinctive symbol.

The red. Which everyone recognize all over the world.

He’s also famous for the animalier prints, the Chinese ceramic inspired patterns, for the A line, for the Palazzo pajamas and the double cashmere.

He’s important for the future.

He researched the most precious thing for his cuture without caring of what journalist had to say about.

15 years ago he created a book with all the photos of his dresses and details.

That was just a little step compared with what he did today.

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