Valentino Virtual Museum Part 2- Press Conference

The world connected with a click

Valentino tells something about his life: he started at the very young age of 17 and he has always loved to see his dresses living on women.

Today the whole world will be able to reach his own one just with a click.

And people will be able to study his creations or just to look at them.

This museum will connect people.

Blue Roman Sky

Giancarlo Giammetti tells the audience that the idea came from a real problem: Where could they keep the huge amount of work?

At first they had archives but then it became so consistent that they weren’t enough, so they decided to open to modern technology and here they are.

The virtual museum is located in an open architecture.

“You see the blue sky of Rome from every room you’re in”, says Giammetti.

The museum hosts more than 5000 photos, hundreds and hundreds of dresses and 180 runways videos.

[The music was created for this special occasion.]

Giammetti also states that they are planning to ask famous people to write for them as bloggers.

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